WP Foundry version 1.1.0 released

Finally! This update is a bit bigger than the previous few, so took somewhat longer to ensure it was working correctly.

As mentioned in my previous update post, this update features multiple plugin and theme selection. This enables you to perform backups and updates on multiple plugins without having to click on each one individually.

Simply select the plugins you wish to backup or update (or click the ‘SELECT ALL’ button), then click the ‘ACTIONS’ dropdown and select which action to perform (backup or update).

When an action is performed on a plugin or theme, it is added to the tasks queue. The tasks queue can be viewed by clicking the button that looks like this in the header:

That will cause the tasks list queue to display. It should look something like this:

You can pause/resume the queue, or clear it entirely. The currently running task will finish before the queue is paused or cleared. At the moment, there is no way to cancel the currently executing action.

Note that the ‘Refresh plugin list’ action is now located under the ‘ACTIONS’ dropdown instead of being its own button.


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