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  • Next update coming soon

    I apologise for the delay in the next release – I’ve been working hard on it and am still ironing out a few issues. The main feature of the next release is multi plugin and theme selection. In order to prevent issues with too many server connections, and make it clearer what tasks will be…

  • How to manage File and Folder Permissions on WordPress Websites



    Managing file and folder permissions is a crucial aspect of maintaining a secure and functional WordPress website. Proper permissions ensure that only authorized users can access, modify, or execute files and directories, preventing unauthorized access and potential security vulnerabilities. This guide covers the essential aspects of managing file and folder permissions on your WordPress website.…

  • Maximize security and efficiency of your WordPress site through regular updates and maintenance



    These days, having a secure and efficient website is crucial for any business or individual looking to establish an online presence. One of the most popular and user-friendly platforms for website creation is WordPress. However, simply setting up a WordPress site is not enough to ensure its success. Regular updates and maintenance are essential to…

  • WP Foundry version 1.0.11 released

    This update adds a new section to the app: users!The users section enables you to manage your WordPress users. Current functionality includes listing, adding, and removing users.Some user details may be edited also, with current support for editing their display name, email address, password, and role. The current password isn’t required when updating a user’s…

  • WP Foundry version 1.0.10 released

    This is a very minor update, mostly just to add an Intel Mac version of the app.

  • WP Foundry v.1.0.9 released

    WP Foundry v.1.0.9 fixes an error which may prevent the app starting up properly on Mac devices. The duplicate license key popup issue is also resolved. Mike

  • WP Foundry v.1.0.8 released

    WP Foundry v.1.0.8 enables users to edit saved site connection details.Simply navigate to the dashboard for the site, click on the ‘edit site connection settings’ button, and you’ll see a form which enables you to edit the site details. This update also includes a few miscellaneous bugfixes. Mike

  • WP Foundry v.1.0.6 released

    WP Foundry v.1.0.6 adds automatic app updates! Starting from v.1.0.6, if an update is available, a notification will appear shortly after opening the app. The update will be downloaded in the background and installed when the app is closed.Existing users can visit the downloads page to get the update. Mike