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  • WP Foundry v.1.0.9 released

    WP Foundry v.1.0.9 fixes an error which may prevent the app starting up properly on Mac devices. The duplicate license key popup issue is also resolved. Mike

  • WP Foundry v.1.0.8 released

    WP Foundry v.1.0.8 enables users to edit saved site connection details.Simply navigate to the dashboard for the site, click on the ‘edit site connection settings’ button, and you’ll see a form which enables you to edit the site details. This update also includes a few miscellaneous bugfixes. Mike

  • WP Foundry v.1.0.6 released

    WP Foundry v.1.0.6 adds automatic app updates! Starting from v.1.0.6, if an update is available, a notification will appear shortly after opening the app. The update will be downloaded in the background and installed when the app is closed.Existing users can visit the downloads page to get the update. Mike