Known issues

  • Connection error (Connection lost before handshake)
    I’m currently trying to replicate this – no ETA for a fix yet, sorry.

  • No Intel Mac build available. Provided in release v1.0.10.
  • UI glitches on startup may prevent app working on OSX. Fixed in release 1.0.9.
    Working on a fix now and expect to release it later this week.
  • When adding a new site, the app may become unresponsive. Fixed in release 1.0.8.
    I’m working on a fix for this, which will hopefully be released early next week (29 April).
    As a temporary workaround, please close and reopen the app to resolve the issue.
  • Site settings are not editable. Fixed in release 1.0.8.
    A fix for this will be released at the same time as the above (early next week, starting 29 April).