Working with themes

Here is all the information you need regarding working with WordPress themes in WP Foundry. The instructions below refer to the themes page of WP Foundry:

Themes page

Listing themes

Click on the ‘Refresh theme list’ button to get an updated list of themes on your site. This will also check for any available updates.
Only one theme may be active at a time, so if a theme is active, it will show a ‘Backup’ button only. All other themes will be greyed out and display ‘Activate’, ‘Delete’, and ‘Backup’ buttons. If a different theme is activated, the currently active theme will be deactivated automatically.
If a theme has an available update, the new version will be displayed in parentheses next to the current version, and an ‘Update’ button will be displayed.

Activating/Deactivating themes

If a theme is inactive, it appears greyed out in the list, and an ‘Activate’ button is shown. Clicking the activate button deactivates the currently active theme and activates the selected theme.
If activation fails, it may be because an error occurred during activation and WordPress has deactivated it automatically. In this case, you may wish to check the WP Foundry logs to see what went wrong.
To see the log, click the log button on the right hand side of the top menu, next to the refresh button.

One (and only one) theme must always be active. A theme may not be deactivated without activating a different theme.

Deleting themes

If a theme is inactive, a ‘Delete’ button is displayed. Clicking this button deletes the selected theme.
An active theme cannot be deleted; a different theme must be activated first.

Backing up themes

Click the ‘Backup’ button to download a zipped copy of the theme to the WP Foundry directory on your computer for the current site. Backed up themes are available to install on the same site via the ‘Available themes’ dropdown.

Installing themes

Themes stored in the backup directory for the current site (e.g. themes that have been backed up via WP Foundry) are displayed in the ‘Available themes’ dropdown.
Selecting a theme from the available plugins dropdown installs it on the site. Note that if the same theme is already installed on the site, this will not work, even if it has a different version number. If you wish to reinstall a theme, or install a different version of the same theme, the theme on the site must be deleted first.

You can also install third party themes that haven’t been backed up using WP Foundry. To do this, simply copy the zipped theme to the WP Foundry themes directory for the site, and then select it from the Available Themes dropdown. You can find the WP Foundry directory for the site by clicking the site name in the sidebar; this will lead you to the Dashboard page. Then, clicking the ‘Open backups directory’ button will open an explorer window for the WP Foundry directory for the site. You should see a ‘themes’ directory – put the zipped theme file in there. It should now be installable via the Available Themes dropdown.